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Tian Liming
Born in 1955 in Beijing, his original hometown is Hefei city, Anhui province.1989- enrolled as a graduate student, and got the Master¡¯s degree of Arts in 1991.Currently he is the technical director of the Central Fine Arts Academy, member of the Chinese Artists ¡®Association, and member of the China Arts and Crafts committee as well as the director of the Beijing Artists¡¯Association.
His works have been shown at the 3rd ,5th,6th, and the 7th national arts and crafts exhibitions, along at the First International Traditional Chinese Paintings Exhibition,  ¡°1988 of Beijing ¡± as well as at the Artistic Critics¡® Nomination Exhibition in 1993. And were shown at the ink on paper extensive figure portrayal exhibition in 1999.
His main works include ¡° Stele Groves¡±, ¡° Brook¡± which won prizes at the 6th Fine Art Exhibition and the International Chinese Traditional Paintings Exhibition in 1988; others are: ¡° Countryside Girl¡± series; ¡°Swimmers under sunlight¡± series; ¡°Portrait¡± series; ¡°Sky under sunlight¡±; ¡°Sunflower¡±; ¡°Three swimmers¡±; ¡°Hamburg girl¡± etc.
He joined so many such exhibitions as the 5th ,6th ,7th Fine Arts and Crafts Exhibitions; the Chinese Traditional Paintings Exhibition in 1988; the New Literati Exhibition and its series in 1989; the Critics¡¯ Nomination Chinese Painting Exhibition in 1993; Century End Chinese Traditional Figure Painting Exhibition held in 1994; Chinese Traditional Painting Extensive Exhibition and its series exhibitions held in the International Arts and Crafts Gallery in 1995; Huaguan Arts and Crafts Exhibition in 1997; the biennial Chinese Paintings Exhibition in Shenzhen in 1998; the 20th century Chinese Arts and Crafts collection Exhibition. Etc.
Tian Liming is using a special way of drawing, which weakens the feature and configuration of figures that makes his creations more stylish and colorful. He exercised the blurring of concrete configuration of human bodies, in which some of his own way of painting reflects and can be perceived.

The atmosphere and the spirit of his paintings are going to give you a sense divinity through the permeation of a kind of the mist effect. The figures he painted seemed very calm and natural, which can arouse your imagination of being in a spacy, divine and mysterious paradise.

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