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Art Consultancy Services: Selection, Sourcing, Commissioning, Acquisition and Hire of Artworks for Private and Corporate Clients


In the era when quality living is what we pursue, artworks are indispensable for interior decoration of home, office, malls and hotels etc. A quality artwork can bring us not only visual, aesthetical and spiritual pleasure, but also inspirations and other unexpected benefits to our life.

Wan FungArtGallery has a stock of more than 13,000 original artworks of established contemporary Chinese artists. Meanwhile, we offer both Popular Edition Prints and Highly Precise Limited Edition Prints of master-class paintings. The wide variety of top quality artworks and their reproductions would satisfy different artistic tastes and needs. In addition, Wan Fung provides professional art consultant service to select, source, commission, and install artworks for commercial buildings, club houses, hotels, restaurants and public spaces, to meet the needs of the users and to help building corporate image. Enquiries are welcomed.




Consultant Service for appreciating and investing Art Collection

Wan Fung Art Gallery has been investing and promoting Chinese Art for more than 20 years. Our vision and passion in picking valuable potential artworks and nurturing up-and-coming artists are praised by all. Wan Fung Art Gallery has been conducting art investment lectures in all parts of China to assist the increasing number of art-lovers to invest in and establish their own collection, and to keep them away from unnecessary investment bungle. We offer individuals free-of-charge connoisseur and consultant service for art collection and investment. Welcome to make appointment with us.




Strategic Planning, Design, Printing and Publication Service for Art Albums

Wan Fung Art Gallery has published over 150 art albums in 20 years. Our high and guaranteed standard is well-recognized by the public. Now we offer planning, design, printing and publication services to artists and art organizations of all places to produce their own publications.



Organizing Art Exhibitions and Related Promotions for Individuals and Corporations

Nowadays, more and more people emphasize the importance of quality of life, which not merely refers to material adequacy but also spiritual well-being defined by health, inner peace and joy, as well as the cultivation nurtured by art and culture. For this reason, many businesses and organizations start to incorporate the concepts of art and culture into their products and services. Being a gallery with numerous resources and over 20-years experience in art investment and promotion, we take pride in providing premium services including the organization of grand art exhibitions and related promotions for individuals, corporations, charities, hotels, club houses, and other real estate projects.



Mounting and Framing for Paintings and Calligraphy

Mounting and framing is essential to highlight the aesthetic effect of Chinese calligraphy and painting. Wan FungArtGallery has a team of mounting and framing experts to advise on and provide such services for our fellow customers.




Retailer, Wholesaler and Agency of Popular Edition Prints and Highly Precise Limited Edition Prints of Master Class Paintings

Wan Fung Art Gallery offers 2 series of exquisite prints: (1) Popular Edition Prints, and (2) Highly Precise Limited Edition Prints. The former is perfect for interior decoration and gift for friends. The latter is highly precise and comparable to the originals, produced out of the most advanced technology and published in limited copies; therefore they have high value for collection. We are developing specialty outlets for our exquisite prints. Welcome to discuss any business opportunities with us.



Co-organizing the activities with the Charity Organizations

Wan Fung Art Gallery has concerned with the society. We co-organize the charity activities with many credible charity organizations over the years including Lifeline Express,The Society for the Relief of Disabled Children, Lions Club and The Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong etc. Enquiries about the details of cooperation are always welcomed.



Arts Education

The education in Hong Kong is developing a balanced school curriculum so as to provide an all-round education for the students. Arts education is one of the essential areas. Wan FungArtGallery always attached importance to the promotion of arts education in order to promote young people's interest and their ability in appreciation of artworks. All educational institutions are welcomed to co organize the activities of art education including art lectures, seminars , guided tours and artist interviews to promote the development of the arts in Hong Kong. Enquiries are welcomed.



Welcome all worldwide artists to join us

The objective of WanFungArtGallery is to discover and promote the artists with possession of unique style and a variety of techniques. Most of the artists among those have become influential masters to represent all kinds of contemporary Chinese fine art schools. Meanwhile, Wan Fung also is the platform for worldwide lovers of art and we have successful promotion of the outstanding Hong Kong and overseas artists to China. We welcome all Hong Kong and overseas artists send us your resume and artworks through email: nic@wanfung.com.hk or contact us at anytime.




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