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Liu Maoshan   
male, born in 1942, is a native of Suzhou, Jiangsu province. He is now vice-president of the Suzhou Chinese Painting Academy and a member of Chinese Artists Associations. He is rated as a national first class artist.
Liu graduated from the Suzhou Institute of Arts and Crafts in 1962. He studied western painting at an early age. With profound and extensive research in the works of classical European masters and modern impressionism, he later changed his art style to Chinese landscape painting.
Liu¡¯s works are characterized by a distinctive, colorful and poetry style which is quality suggestive of painting. He is skilled in painting water villages in Jiangnan. In recent years, he has visited Japan, Britain, the U.S.A. and Hong Kong, where he held solo exhibitions as well as participated in many cultural and academic exchanges. His works are highly acclaimed and collected by many museums and galleries in China and overseas. His name is listed in the ¡°American Who¡¯s Who¡± and the ¡°International Who¡¯s Who¡± published by the Center of International Who¡¯s Who in Cambridge, Britain.
His publications include ¡°Selected Landscape Paintings of Liu Maoshan¡±, ¡°Liu Maoshan¡¯s Modern Chinese Paintings¡±, ¡°Rongbaozhai Book of Paintings - Liu Maoshan¡¯s Water Country¡±, ¡°The Art of Liu Maoshan¡±, ¡°Water Country, A Sentimental Journey ¨C Selected New Works by Liu Maoshan¡±, ¡°Selected Works of Liu Maoshan¡± and ¡°Exotic Mood-Selected New Works by Liu Maoshan¡±.
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