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Chen Jialing   
male, born in 1937, is a native of Yong Kang, Zhejiang province. He is now a member of the Chinese Artists Association and a Chinese painting instructor at the College of Fine Arts of Shanghai University.
He graduated from the Zhejiang Academy of Fine arts in 1963. At the beginning, he learned figure painting, later on he learned from Lu Yanshao calligraphy, skills of painting landscapes and flowers-and-birds in the early 70s. Since the 80s, by passing through a repeatedly research and practice as well as assimilating the skill of Chinese ancient murals and foreign watercolor paintings, he has created the kind of modern Chinese paintings which expressing the Chinese philosophic theory and featuring impressionism, abstractionism and expressionism.
Chen is fond of painting lotus and landscape. Most of his works reflect a dreamlike world expressing an implicit theme which also protruding the spirit of noble and graceful, furthermore bringing out a powerful artistic influence.
In recent years, he has held many solo, large-scale join exhibitions and given lectures at home and abroad. His works won prizes at the 6th Chinese National Art Exhibition. Many art albums of his works have been published.
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