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Zhou Zhongyao
Male, born in 1945, is a native of Changsha, Hunan Province. He is a member of the Chinese Hunan Province Artists Association and the Hunan Flower-and-Bird Painting Research Institute. He is also vice principal of Changsha Painting Institute.
In his early years, Zhou devoted himself to the studies of fine flower-and-bird brushwork paintings from the Song Dynasty masters. Then, he carried on his exploration of contemporary fine flower-and-bird brushwork painting. With his continuous endeavor to this art form, Zhou had developed profoundly consolidated painting skills. Not long after, he nourished his art with his inspiration from daily life, and with what he discovered from the diverse forms of expressions from the Western art, finally creating his own unique style of painting
Zhou is a mild, affable, peaceful person with a warm heart for people and maintains to lead a quiet life. Other than going outdoors to paint from nature, he seldom involves himself in worldly affairs. His works are natural in style, in proper perspective, with magnificent light and shadow effects and a delicate sense of mystery. He stresses on the integration and harmony of the subject with the background, which often results in an extension of depth and dimensions of the painting. Zhous works are highly valued by art collectors from China and overseas, for their compact composition, elegant setting and the power to provoke ones thoughts and sentiments.
Zhou has won numerous awards and prizes. His paintings have been exhibited in France, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia and Hong Kong. His published works include Paintings of Zhou Zhongyao and his achievements are listed in the Directory of Famous Painters in Modern China and Directory of Famous Contemporary Chinese Painters.
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