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Hu Yongkai
Male, born in 1945, is a native of Beijing. He is currently a member of the Chinese Artists Association, Hong Kong Artists Association, executive member of the World Chinese Artists Association, Hong Kong Asian Artists Association, deputy dean of Beijing Hai Hua Gui Art Institute and chairman of Hong Kong New Arts Association.
Hu attended the Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing in his early years. Afterwards, he taught at the Fine Arts Institute at Shanghai University. In 1988, he moved to Hong Kong. Four years later, he migrated to U.S. where he was given the right of permanent residence for his outstanding expertise in art. Now he resides in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shenzhen.
In the contemporary Chinese art circle, Hu does not follow paths treaded by others but forms his unique style on his solid foundation of traditional painting skills. He succeeds to infuse the charisma of the centuries old Chinese culture with the forceful expressions of the West by his brilliant matching of lines and colors in his paintings. By reflecting upon the traditional Chinese art from a modern perspective, Hu achieves a kind of individuality that carries a sense of modernity with uncommon oriental charm.
In the last twenty years, Hu has held several dozens of solo exhibitions in Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Hong Kong, Chicago, Los Angeles, Taos in New Mexico, Tokyo, Leverkusen in Germany, Singapore as well as many other countries. He has also participated in numerous large-scale art expositions in China, Hong Kong, etc. He has won many prizes. Quite a number of his works are in the collections of the China Art Gallery, Shanghai Art Gallery, Hong Kong Museum of Art and many other established art institutions as well as private collectors. His works are published in his solo albums.
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