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 Wang Changkai
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Wang Changkai
Was born in Zhengding county of Hebei province in 1940. Nurtured by traditional Chinese culture since his childhood, he deeply devoted himself into painting.
In 1957 he entered Beijing Art Academy and He specialized in oil painting in the workshop of
Mr. Wu Guanzhong. From 1963, he had engaged in the art education career for 15 years.
In 1990 he was invited to hold his solo exhibition in Singapore.
In 1991 his paintings were on show in the Exhibition of the Works by Wu Guanzhong and His Students in the History Museum of Beijing. This exhibition was also held in Hong Kong.`
In 1992-1993, his paintings were selected to attend the First and Second Annual Oil painting Exhibition of China. All of them were collected.
In 1996 he held his solo exhibition in International Art and Literary Circles of Beijing.
In 1997 he held his solo exhibition in Taiwan. All of his works on show were collected.
In 1998 he held his solo exhibition in San Yue Gallery of Japan.
In 2000 his work was displayed in the Exhibition of Macaus Regression.
In 2003 he held his solo exhibition in He Xiangning Art Gallery in Shenzhen
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