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 Yang Gao
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Yang Gao
Born in Inner Mongolia in 1963. He graduated from Harbin Architectural University in 1984. He was living in Guangdong and Beijing as a professional painter. Hes migrated to Australia since 1997.
His works have been selected to attend the 8th National Art Exhibition and the 96 Classical Paintings Exhibition.
He was invited to join the China Young Artists Investigation Group to travel and investigate in European countries such as France, Italy, Holland and Germany. He took part in many grand exhibitions as the Exhibition of Selected Oil Paintings by Contemporary Chinese Artists, the Exhibition of 7th Female Image held in Schoeni Art Gallery in Hong Kong, the 2nd Guangdong Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition, the 2004 Tour Exhibition of Oil Paintings by Chinese Masters (Shanghai- Beijing- Guangdong- Hong Kong), and Hinted Historical Discourse-- Exhibition of Oil Paintings by Yang Gao in Hong Kong Wan Fung Art gallery in 2005.
His paintings were selected as the covers or introduced by many magazines and TV stations such as China Oil Paintings, Chinese Talents, Eastern Air Connections, Cosmopolitan, Shandong Pictorial, Collection (Taiwan), Asian Private Capital, CCTV International, Beijing Television Station, Shanghai OTV, ect. Many of his paintings were collected by galleries and collectors both at home and abroad.
The spotlight of his painting is the unique form of coherence between the modern and ancient style, and that gives the inner spirit of the painting itself. Time is lingering in the painting and that guides the viewers to give the human nature a more in-depth reflection.
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