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Huang Youwei
Huang Youwei
Born in 1965 in Yueyang, Hunan Province. Since graduating from the fine arts department of the Hunan Binzhou Normal School in 1989, Huang has devoted himself to water color paintings. Although he does not believe life is all roses and sunshine, he has the ability to find beauty in things and in people - to derive hope from the trivialities and vicissitudes of lives. He says, "Many aspects of our lives can touch and stir those who love life. The beautiful details I incorporate into my works are expressions of my inner feelings. The strong moods that I created in my paintings represent my desire and hope for beautiful lives."
Huang says his watercolors are never accurate records of what he has seen. They are emotional recreations of the natural environment in which he lives in. "If it is possible, I like to put into my works all the beautiful things that I love."
The warm sunshine on the old gate, the shabby walls and gate boards are enlightened in the golden rays, all of which is so attractive. Even the birds shut in the cages seeming to be affected by this atmosphere begin to sing sweet songs. This is what Huang yearns for the Hutong and the life in it.

The shining sun rays spread a piece of golden on the paths through the trees, the pretty roses are wavering with the breeze, the paths are hiding under the crowds of flowers and the lovely morning glories lie on the path beside quietly, the grass is growing silently outside the windows covered with lichen, the waving stream reflects the busy and colorful life on the banks; the rays of the setting sun genteelly touch the old red gate and the ice-box full of family letters with the bird singing happily in the golden cage.


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