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He Jiaying

Male, born in 1957 in Tianjin, is a native of Renqiu, Hebei Province. He is now a professor in the Tianjin Fine Art Academy, council member of Contemporary Gongbi Painting Association, Chinese Artists Association and executive council member of its Tianjin Branch. He receives special allowance from the State Council for his outstanding
His interest in painting started at his very young age. In 1974, he worked at the Creative Workship of Tianjin Cultural Bureau as an artist and took the opportunity to study from Sun Kegang, Zhang Deyu and Du Ziling. He was admitted to Tianjin Academy of Fine Art in 1977. After his graduation in 1980, he stayed and has served as a lecturer there till now.
Being recognized as one of the most distinctive contemporary Chinese artists of figure painting, he has accommodated many artistic sources and perspectives, including Chinese, western, traditional and modern art schools. His Gongbi figures emphasize detailed description and adopt realism. His free-style brushstrokes are graceful and original, conveying senses of oriental charm. He also stresses on the expression of emotions and humanity, Thus he has contributed to the breakthrough on the development of Chinese figure painting.
Many of his prized works have been exhibited in different occasions in China and overseas, including Japan, Korea, India, Hong Kong and Macau. His publications include Selected Works of He Jiaying, etc.


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