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 Exhibition Hall of  Kang Ning


Kang Ning

Male, born in 1950 in Sichuan Province. He is a member of the Chinese Artists Association, Chinese Print Artists Association and vice-chairman of Chongqing Artists Association.
In 1982 he was graduated from the Sichuan Academy of Fine Art.
Kang''s woodcuts are well-known for their wide diversity of subject matters, vigorous and forceful application of graving blade, as well as their graceful style. He has been innovative in his creation, and therefore he has made breakthroughs in his expertise one after another. He is now influential in the Chinese woodcut circle.

His works have been shown in England, France, Germany, Japan, Australia and Hong Kong. Many of his works are in the collection of China National Museum of Fine Art, British Museum, Shanghai Fine Art Museum, Guangdong Fine Art Museum, Luxun Museum and so on. 



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