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Exhibition Period:2013年3月16日-2013年3月25日                    Exhibition Venue:Beijing Wan Fung Art Gallery
Gallery Hours:每日9:00——17:00


Show time: on March 17, 2013 - March 26, 2013
Visiting time: daily 10:00-16:00 (free)
Address: Beijing chaoyang district avenue a guanyin hall culture concept of 2 # 35 to 37 yunfeng art gallery
65233319/65233320 LTD phone: (010)
Web site: www.wanfung.com.cn
China''''s outstanding artists show strength of stage art lovers around the world
Yunfeng of calligraphy painting will be on March 16, 2013 - March 25, held the mirror spring Jia Tao personal oil painting exhibition ", the show displays Jia Tao 30 picture of oil painting.
Jia Tao painting, full of rich hometown breath, gurgling streams, mountain spring, cattle of the children, of the vastness of mountains elegantly beautiful scenery, fascinating. Let you from the noise of the city to quietly enjoy the quiet atmosphere in the villa.





Jia Tao profile
Jia Tao, was born in zibo city of shandong province in 1970, professional painter. Works with simple form of the beauty of the natural, native.
Himself, watching his paintings like the character of the collect inside, and always makes his paintings reveal a little hint of loneliness and sadness of love, this is not he want to deliberately pursue, but his mind world really realistic.
When he went into the quiet from the noisy noisy urban crowd ethereal nature, and so on numerous times this kind of strong contrast, he is trying to practice a real natural.


Artist:Jia Tao
Size: 70x130cm

Artist:Jia Tao
Size: 75x100cm

Artist:Jia Tao
Size: 74x99cm

Artist:Jia Tao
Size: 59x59cm

Artist:Jia Tao
Size: 98x74cm

Artist:Jia Tao
Size: 74.5x99cm

Artist:Jia Tao
Size: 64x100cm

Artist:Jia Tao
Size: 99x79cm

Artist:Jia Tao
Size: 60x79cm

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