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Exhibition Period:2010年12月4日-2010年12月13日                    Exhibition Venue:Hong Kong Wan Fung Art gallery G/F, Cityplaza III, Taikoo Shing, Island East, Hong Kong (MTR Taikoo Exit E1)
Gallery Hours:Mon. - Sat. (10am - 7pm), Sun. (1pm - 6pm)
The Visual Journal of Jiangnan – Portrait Painting Exhibition of Xie Yousu
42 Paintings, 42 Stories
04.12.2010 – 13.12.201
”The Visual Journal of Jiangnan - Portrait Painting Exhibition of Xie Yousu” will open from 4 to 13 December, 2010 in Wan Fung Art Gallery. The exhibition will showcase 42 paintings sketching the old funny stories of Jiangnan. Audience will surely be attracted by the sense of humor of the artist.
Countless matters happen in our world everyday. Some would be so trivial to be ignored. Xie Yousu is an artist with a sensitive heart. To him, tiny matters are best themes to paint. He picks the themes from daily life, but the characters are painted in such a humorous way with funny facial expressions and exaggerated motions in the background of old Jiangnan city, which makes his painting so interesting and entertaining. Audience will be amused inspired.
Our city today is full of impatience. We may even forget to slow down and pay attention to the people around us. These 42 exhibits are 42 stories which happen everyday around us. Let us enjoy Xie''s works and be reminded of the ordinary happiness of life. The opening ceremony of “The Visual Jounal of Jiangnan - Protrait Painting of Xie Yousu” will start at 3pm on 4 December 2010. The artist will be present in the ceremony. We cordially invite you to meet the artist in person and share your own story with him.
Wan Fung Art Gallery cordially invites you to the opening reception for The Visual Journal of Jiangnan – Portrait Painting Exhibition of Xie Yousu at 3pm, Saturday, 04 December, 2010
Exhibition Period :  04.12.2010 – 13.12.2010
Exhibition Venue :  Wan Fung Art Gallery
                                        G/F, Cityplaza III, Taikoo Shing, Island East, Hong Kong (MTR Taikoo Exit E1)
Opening Hours      :  Monday – Saturday  10:00 – 19:00
                                        Sunday & Public Holidays 13:00 – 18:00
Enquiry                     :  (852) 2736 9623
Website                   :  www.wanfung.com.cn
Biography of Xie Yousu:
Xie was born in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province in 1948. He is a member of China Artists Association, the Principal of Jiang Feng Art Academy, a council member of Jianghai Painting and Calligraphy Institute in Jiangsu Province and the vice chairman of the Artists Association of Jin Chang, Suzhou Province.
The characters in his paintings are tranquil, congenial, energetic, romantics and full of sense of humor. He gives spirit, heart and wisdom to the characters that he paints. Through his works, audiences are inspired and could communicate with the artist.
His artworks have been selected and awarded in numerous national art exhibitions. He has been invited to hold exhibition in France for several times. His artworks are collected by Asiatica, the Museum of Asia Art in France and many other art collectors locally and abroad.
“Autumn” was selected in “The 2nd National Watercolor, Pastel Painting Exhibition”.
“Soccer” was awarded and selected to be exhibited in “The 5th National Sports Art Exhibition”.
“Aim at Miles” was exhibited in “The 2nd China Portrait Painting Exhibition”.
“Hundred Happiness” was exhibited in “Greet the New Century Chinese Meticulous Painting Exhibition”.
“Endless Life” was exhibited in “The 4th Contemporary Chinese Meticulous Painting Exhibition”.
“The Mountain of Miao in Spring” was exhibited in the “Cross Century and Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the Peoples’ Republic of China” National Landscape Painting Exhibition”.
“City of Machine” was awarded in the “Art Exhibition of Celebrating the founding of People’s Republic of China In Jiangsu Province”.
“Shout” was selected in the “National Comic Exhibition”.
“Relics of Zhouzhuang” was award the First Prize in “The 2nd Chinese Famous Artists Exhibition” in France.
His publications include “Chinese Painting Collection of Xie Yousu” and “Portrait Painting of Xie Yousu”.

Artist:Xie Yousu
Size: 63x76cm
Title:Scholars Gathering

Artist:Xie Yousu
Size: 60x70.5cm
Title:Face Reading

Artist:Xie Yousu
Size: 60x70cm
Title:An Annoying Fly

Artist:Xie Yousu
Size: 70x65cm
Title:Lose a bit of Weight

Artist:Xie Yousu
Size: 55x65cm
Title:Happy Grandfathers

Artist:Xie Yousu
Size: 60x70cm

Artist:Xie Yousu
Size: 61x75cm
Title:Ready to Cook. Just waiting for Fish

Artist:Xie Yousu
Size: 60x70cm
Title:An Embarrassed Boy

Artist:Xie Yousu
Size: 60x70cm
Title:Steal a glance

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